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The Diversity Committee of the College of Education and Human Services was established in the Fall of 2003 to draft a Diversity Plan for the College.  The Plan was submitted to the College and University in December of that year, and approved at all levels.

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to assist in implementing the stated goals of the Plan:

  1. To initiate and/or support transformation that reflects a global and inclusive curriculum through new and existing programs and courses;
  2. To assist in increasing recruitment efforts to bring more diverse faculty to our ranks, while developing conditions that support their retention and success;
  3. To assist in increasing efforts to recruit and retain underrepresented students into all the education and human service professions represented in the College;
  4. To undertake efforts to encourage among the Faculty the inclusion of diversity issues into all areas of their scholarship, while lobbying for the implementation of appropriate accountability and rewards into the tenure and promotion process;
  5. To help to implement professional development programs for faculty, student, and staff that focus on the full scope of diversity issues; and
  6. To initiate and monitor baseline and on-going data in order to systematically and effectively assess progress toward our goals.
Walter Davis


Walter Davis , Associate Professor, School of Excercise, Leisure, and Sport


Kate Krival


Kate Krival , Assistant Professor of Speech, Pathology, and Audiology


Liaison to the University Diversity Advisory Council



Janice Kroeger , Associate Professor of Early Chilhood Education


Mark Krumm, Ph.D.


Mark Krumm , Associate Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology




Averil McClelland (Chair), Associate Professor of Cultural Foundations of Education, Department of Educational Foundations and Special Services




Tricia Niesz, Assistant Professor of Evaluation and Measurement and Cultural Foundations of Education


Alternate, Liaison to University Diversity Advisory Board



Betsy Page, Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development Services




Rhonda Richardson, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies




Julie Wilcox, Coordinator for Recruitment and Retention


Diversity Committee Minutes and Reports


April 22, 2004

May 6, 2004

September 30, 2004

October 27, 2004

February 2, 2005

February 28, 2005

September 13, 2006

October 4, 2006

October 25, 2006

November 15, 2006

February 2, 2007

September 22, 2008

October 20, 2008